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Tzveta Tanovska

In this interview Georgi Mihov talks with Tzveta Tanovska

How did you get into wine? Is there something that has provoked/motivated you?

I entered in the world of wine by my own curiosity. In my family nobody has never produced wine nor has anyone ever exhibited any special interest in wine. The world of wine goes with knowledge about geography, history, ethnography, even psychology.

Is there any particular person that has been your inspiration?

There is one person, a lady called Neda Prodanova, who back in 2000 fascinated me with details about wine and everything that goes with it. I am grateful to a Bulgarian magazine “Bacchus”. I have the full collection of all the editions of its first years.

Do you have favorite grape variety and why?

There is not variety that I would call favorite . But there are some varieties that I would not often order in a restaurant. However I really want to see that our local variety Gumza finds its development.

What are your expectations regarding wine trends in next 1-2 years in Bulgaria?

I see quite positive facts in respect to very good vineyards, in good age; educated technologists who have the knowledge and experience in all modern trends. Hopefully wine will replace rakia in the very near future.

Where do you see “Bulgarian wine” in next 10 years on the world wine map?

We have all that it takes to see Bulgarian wine on the world wine map and let’s hope this happens soon!

If you have to recommend just 1 Bulgarian winery, which would that be and why?

I can not recommend a single Bulgarian winery - there are beautiful new wineries, excellent for wine tourism and there are others which are still like old factories but also make excellent wines.

What is your everyday wine?

In summer I prefer rose and white wine, especially when I have my feet buried in the sand!

What is your dream wine no matter country that you want to try?

I would always with huge pleasure enjoy the wines of Cos d’Estournel and some white wines from Alsace.

Describe „Bulgarian wine" using only 3 words

Bulgarian wines are in their period of puberty. The period when some girls dress inappropriately, wearing heavy make up, boys with traces of acne, aggressive or rather too introvert. The good thing is that this period is passing.


Tzveta Tanovska has a Master’s degree in Economics. Wine is her hobby and her passion. She attend- ed several specialized courses on wine and a number of educational programmes. Tzveta follows Bulgarian and international periodicals on wine. She has been a member of the jury for the only competition for Bulgarian wine of the year as well as member of wine juries of other wine competitions. She is a guest wine taster for Bacchus magazine. She has visited wine-cellars in all wine regions in the world. For the third year she is the co-editor and co-author of the Catalog of Bulgarian wines - edition, which aims to include all Bulgarian wineries and wines on the market.