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Galia Ginova

In this interview Georgi Mihov talks with Galia Ginova - Restaurant manager and wine consultant.

How did you get into wine? Is there something that has provoked/motivated you?

The crucial elements are the customers who looking for comprehensive guidance to discover those, who create wine and those who will combine it with the right food. Satisfied customers are the best motivation.

Is there any particular person that has been your inspiration?

Person no, but some wineries definitely.

Do you have favorite grape variety and why?

Yes, I have-today is Merlot, tomorrow is Pinot noir, why not and Primitivo, depends on emotion: with who exactly you share

What are your expectations regarding wine trends in next 1-2 years in Bulgaria?

I strongly hope-minimal intervention, focus on terroir and finesse.

Where do you see “Bulgarian wine” in next 10 years on the world wine map?

Unfortunately not particularly strong performance.

If you have to recommend just 1 Bulgarian winery, which would that be and why?

Rossidi Winery - Rossidi’s philosophy can be described simply: “wine needs to reflect the terroir it comes from, as well as the main features of the variety it is made of; it should not be a commercial product deliberately shaped by high-tech equipment to match the current fashionable tastes.”

What is your everyday wine?

Glass of excellent red wine.

What is your dream wine no matter country that you want to try?

To touch the magic of Burgundy is one of my dreams.

Describe „Bulgarian wine" using only 3 words

Promising, ambitious, misunderstood.


Galia Ginova is restaurant manager and wine consultant. She is in charge of restaurant Noti at Sveti Vlas and at restaurant Rose in Bulrgas. Both restaurants are located at Bulgarian seaside and are well know in Bulgarian. Galia is WSET certified.