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Stefka Sveshtarova

In this interview Georgi MIhov meets you with Stefka Sveshtarova - Chairwoman of The Bulgarian Sommeliers and Wine Connoisseurs Association.

How did you get into wine? Is there something that has provoked/motivated you?

I was born in a wine region and from child I raised especially with respect to the vineyard and wine My grandfather made barrels and until the age of 26 year I did not realize that I would be professionally associated with wine and so my hobby became a profession ... in 1999.

Is there any particular person that has been your inspiration?

To drink wine - my family, to talk about wine - my colleague from Croatia Zdravko Kodzhakovich.

Do you have favourite grape variety and why?

Cabernet Sauvignon from Bulgaria- because it is different as shade, behavior and power and with many hidden emotions like genie in a bottle waiting for his master.

What are your expectations regarding wine trends in next 1-2 years in Bulgaria?

I guess consistent with global trends highlight the place of origin of the grapes and the individuality of wine.

Where do you see “Bulgarian wine” in next 10 years on the world wine map?

Who knows… I wish to say in the centre of events.

If you have to recommend just 1 Bulgarian winery, which would that be and why?

I would highlight not only one, as it would be unprofessional of my position.

What is your everyday wine?

Looking to try new wines on the market today will particularly enjoy myself a glass of Dimyat&Viognier 2014.

What is your dream wine no matter country that you want to try?

2011 Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignion, Napa Valley, USA.

Describe „Bulgarian wine" using only 3 words

My wine- two words


Stefka Sveshtarova is Chairwoman of The Bulgarian Sommeliers and Wine Connoisseurs Association, sommelier, educator and wine consultant.